Women’s Net Kobe -For Women and Children in Difficult Situations

WNK aims to contribute to the formation of a gender-equal society and the promotion of the healthy development of children by carrying out projects related to the protection of the human rights of women and children and the promotion of welfare for all peoples in order for men and women to respect each other’s human rights, share responsibilities, demonstrate their abilities, and live in peace and comfort.

Support Center for Women and Children, Women’s Net Kobe (commonly known as WNK) is a certified Non-Profit Organization (NPO), and provides support for women and children in difficult situations due to domestic violence and other social factors. We provide comprehensive support ranging from counseling to emergency temporary protection at shelters and assistance with life reconstruction for the future. We also provide support for women and their children who facing difficulties in their dairy lives, and other awareness-raising activities.

About Us

WNK was launched in April 1992, seeking a place to learn and meet women for the realization of a gender equal society. WNK was established as a corporation on March 20, 2007, and certified as an incorporated NPO by Kobe City on March 23, 2015.

Women’s Net Kobe supports women and their children who face challenges through the following activities:

DV/sexual violence survivor support and shelters

We comprehensively provide necessary support for women who have been victimized, including telephone calls or face-to-face consultations, providing private shelters, and support by accompanying.

Support for life reconstruction of women and their children who face challenges

Starting with the operation of WACCA (Women and Children Care Center) to create a place where women and children can feel relaxed, we provide support for women and their children who face challenges in various ways, such as life support projects for DV survivors, collaborative projects with Kodomo Genki Network Kansai (Healthy Children Network Kansai), and housing support projects, etc.

・DV/dating DV prevention education

In response to requests, we dispatch professional staff, to assist with planning proposals for programs, and to provide courses and training for young people at schools and for organizations such as companies.

History of WNK

1992Established with the aim of protecting the human rights of women and children and realizing a gender-equal society.
1995Formed a women’s support network immediately after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
1996Started working to support women DV survivors and their children.
1999Awarded the Women’s Fellowship 1999 – Charle Women Encouragement Award.
2002Awarded the Grand Prix of Genki Up Award 2002 from the Hyogo Prefecture Council of Social Welfare.
2003Awarded the 7th Shizue Kato Award .
*Ms. Shizue Kato is a 20th-century Japanese feminist, best known as a pioneer in the birth control movement.
Awarded Rainbow Award/Achievement Award from Co-op Kobe.
2004Opened a shelter for women DV survivors and their children.
Awarded the WHW Award (Women Helping Women) from the Soroptimist International of Americas, Japan Central Region.
2006Awarded Kusachi Encouragement Award from the Citizens’ Fund KOBE.
*The Kusachi Award is named after Mr. Kusachi who was a grassroots citizens’ movement activist and became the first director of the Citizen’s Fund Kobe.
2007Dating DV prevention classes started
2013Opened WACCA, a place for women, single mothers and children.
Awarded the Iue Cultural Award (Social Welfare Category) (representative Reiko Masai received the award) .
*This award honors individuals and organizations related to Hyogo Prefecture with notable achievements in their respective fields. It was named after Mr. Iue, a founder of Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
2015Acquired certified NPO qualification.
2018Awarded the Social Volunteer Award from the Soroptimist Japan Foundation.
Awarded Champion of Change Japan Award grand prize from the Fish Family Foundation & Public Resource Foundation (representative Reiko Masai received the award).
2019Designated as Hyogo Prefecture Residential Support Corporation
2020Opening of WACCA♭ and Step House.
Awarded the 5th Toshitami Kaihara Making Hyogo Beautiful Award,
*This award is given by the Regional Policy Study Group, established by Toshitami Kaihara, former governor of Hyogo Prefecture.
2022Launched Rokko Women’s House Project.
*Rokko Women’s House will be a place to support independence for women that provides residence specialized for women, mothers and children in difficult situations.
We are renovating a dormant facility in Kobe City and aim to open in the spring of 2024. It will be established and operated jointly with the Kobe Student Youth Center with the cooperation of Co-op Kobe.